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Engineering Services

Technical services in facility management refer to a range of tasks and responsibilities related to the basic and routine maintenance and operation of the physical systems and equipment within a facility.

Maintenance and repair of electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems: The scope includes Preventive Maintenance of Electrical systems, basic repair of Pumps and motors (Workshop activities are outsourced), Electrical wiring, fixing plumbing issues and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems at basic level.
Maintenance and repair of equipment and machinery: We coordinate with AMC vendors, service providers for necessary maintenance work.
Energy management: We monitor the energy consumption and take necessary steps to conserve energy. We also suggest IOT based process controls towards energy conservation. We carry out paid Building Energy Audit if required and also help in implementing energy-efficient practices and technologies.
Safety and security: We engage experts as channel partners to maintain Safety & Security installations with a yearly plan.
Asset management: Our utmost priority is to keep the installed equipment’s in good working condition by implementing best maintenance practices which include tasks such as tracking, managing the use and maintenance of equipment and other assets within the facility.

Our Specialty & Value Addition

  • We will carry out Civil audits, earth pits tests, HT side Thermal imaging for Electrical equipment’s etc. through our channel partners.
  • Organize BESCOM name transfer camp on a regular basis
  • To complete tasks/ project works which is not part of contract
  • Thermal scanning report at LT side of electrical assets (being provided as value add)
  • Organizing camp for introduction of electricity saving devices and installations
  • Installing IOT devices to track performance of each asset and optimise costs.

Scope of Work in Electrical

Regular Maintenance of Electrical Installations:

  • Our electricians conduct daily inspections of all electrical systems, including diesel generators, transformers, low-tension panels, and common area meters. Any issues found are recorded and updated on the TAP system.
  • If the issue can be resolved with the support of our own staff, it will be addressed and the ticket will be closed.
  • If external support is required, we will obtain the necessary approval from the client and take the necessary steps to resolve the issue.

Handling Common Area Breakdowns:

  • Issues should be reported via the Property Management App by the person who spotted the problem or by the Help Desk/Clubhouse executive upon receiving information.
  • The relevant electrician will be assigned to the job by the Help Desk/Technical Supervisor/AFM/FM.
  • If any materials or support are needed, the electrician will contact the Technical Supervisor.
  • Once the issue is resolved, the electrician will inform the Help Desk to close the ticket.
  • The Help Desk will close the ticket with proper information about the repair, as provided by the Technical Supervisor/AFM/FM.

Handling Flat Electrical Issues:

  • Residents are encouraged to log complaints in the Property Management App or by contacting the help desk/club house executive.
  • The help desk will register the complaint in the app if it hasn’t been reported by the resident and monitor the app regularly for new tickets.
  • The help desk will then assign the issue to the electrician responsible for that area. If the electrician can resolve the issue without the need for any parts, they will inform the help desk to close the ticket.
  • If parts are required, it is the responsibility of the resident to acquire them and present them to the electrician. In this case, the resident or the help desk should create a new ticket.
  • Once the electrician has completed the repair, they will obtain the signature of the resident in the complaint register.

The electrician will only handle minor repairs related to the flat’s electrical systems, while the specification of materials is the resident’s responsibility.

Scope of Work in Plumbing

Common Area Inspection and Maintenance:

  • Regular inspections of common areas will be conducted at scheduled intervals to identify any potential issues.
  • If any problems are detected, a ticket will be raised by our staff.
  • If the issue can be resolved with the support of our in-house staff, it will be promptly addressed and the ticket will be closed.
  • If external assistance is needed, necessary approvals will be obtained from the Management Committee and the issue will be resolved and the ticket will be closed.

Handling Plumbing Issues in Common Areas:

  • Residents or helpdesk/club house staff can report any plumbing issues in common areas via the Property Management app.
  • The helpdesk or technical supervisor will then assign the task to the responsible plumber.
  • The plumber will take necessary material or support from the technical supervisor if needed. Once the issue is resolved, the plumber will inform the helpdesk to close the ticket.
  • The helpdesk will update the ticket with details about the repair as instructed by the technical supervisor.
  • A stock of common area plumbing spares will be maintained, and these will be used as needed.
  • In case of after-hours emergencies, some spares will be made available to plumbers.

Plumbing Issues in Residences:

  • It is preferable for residents to register their plumbing complaints through the Property Management App or they can contact the helpdesk or club house executive for assistance.
  • If the resident does not enter the complaint in the app, the helpdesk will register it and regularly check for tickets in the Property Management App.
  • The helpdesk will assign the responsibility to the plumber in the corresponding area. The plumber will visit the flat and attend to the complaint. If the problem is fixed without any spare parts, the plumber will inform the helpdesk to close the ticket.
  • If any spare parts are needed, it is the responsibility of the resident to procure them. The current ticket will be put on hold until the resident informs the helpdesk of the availability of the spare parts and updates the ticket through the app or by contacting the helpdesk.

Scope of Fire and Safety Services

  • Routine check-up of Fire Pump Room as per check list on daily basis.
  • FAPA panel checking on daily basis
  • FSS asset verification at basements on daily basis
  • Line pressure monitoring and leakage checking on daily basis
  • Common area hydrant box observation on daily basis
  • Check the Hydrant system is auto mode every week
  • Check the Fire extinguisher every week
  • Floor wise Fire shaft verification every week
  • Functional test of hydrant system in yard hydrant
  • ARV release at terrace
  • Coordinate with AMC vendor during their visit as per schedule
  • Plan and execution of refilling of Fire extinguisher with the vendor as and when due.
  • Conduct the mock drill at scheduled intervals
  • Coordinate with MC to process the Fire NOC
  • Training of Security, Staff & Resident at scheduled intervals.

License Renewal

CEIG Inspection: Preparation CEIG inspection documentation, coordination with Class-1 Electrical contractor towards testing of electrical installations. Interact with Chief Electrical Inspectorate for site visit and execution of work as per findings. Submit the report for CEIG approval.
Fire NOC Renewal: Documentation preparation as per Fire NOC norms, uploading of documents on Fire department portal, pre audit before Fire department visit and submit the findings to client. Interact with Fire department officials for site visit and processing for NOC after closure of observations.
Pollution Control Board Consent Renewal: Organize for air quality, water quality and noise test, collection of all the documents and reports required for consent renewal. Pre audit before visit of PCB officials and closure of observations, uploading of documents in the portal. Organize the site of PCB officials and processing for consent renewal after closure of observations.


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