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Facility Management is a complex task that requires a range of skills, knowledge, and expertise. Effective administrative services are crucial for ensuring the smooth operation of a facility.

This includes:

Portfolio management: Supervising and managing all portfolios in the facility like housekeeping, security, gardening, electrical and plumbing services, STP, WTP and water bodies, and pest control. Facilitation of all repair and maintenance activities through in-house and external vendors.

Documentation management: This includes maintaining of records related to facility maintenance, vendor management, government-related documents, Inventory Management, Service documents, etc.,

Club House and amenities Management: This includes managing the booking of conference rooms, guest houses, Mini Theater, and Party halls. Maintaining indoor play areas, classrooms, library, Fitness centers, Browsing zone, etc., within the facility. And also coordinating for use of shared resources such as equipment and supplies.

Financial management: Petty cash management with liability insurance. Help in budgeting, purchasing and billing for facility-related expenses such as utilities, maintenance, and supplies. Engaging third-party accounting personnel to manage Facility accounts if required.

Business Risk management: This may include developing and implementing policies and procedures to ensure the safety of facility users and staff, as well as managing insurance and liability issues.

The goal is to keep the facility running efficiently and effectively, while ensuring that all operations are carried out in a safe, transparent and cost-effective manner.

Our Specialty & Value Addition

  • Dependencies on vendors are minimized to a larger extent.
  • Create revenue-generation opportunities for apartment complexes.
  • Organize half-yearly residents’ interactive drive to understand their concerns in our and try to provide appropriate solutions and connect with vendors.
  • Introducing IOT devices to monitor the real consumption of water and electricity which help in cost savings, service availability of equipment, predictive maintenance, plant performance improvement and forecasting.
  • Connect with event management professionals.
  • Initiate and organize Property Tax and Khata transfer camps.
  • Annual day celebration for our staff with food and interaction with the committee under the banner “Know your Staff”. (for all departments)
  • Handling complete operations through In-house APP with dashboard for the client. Real-time monitoring. Minimize the paperwork.


Administrative Dashboard(TAP)


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