Paradigm Integrated Facility Management Services


Srinivas Durvasula - Secretary( Adarsh Palace Apartment)

It has been an exhilarating journey working with Paradigm Integrated Facility Management Services for the last three years till date.

Paradigm came into Adarsh Palace Apartments with a very clear mandate to onboard all the crew from an incumbent agency, standardize and enhance service levels, bring in statutory compliance, and elevate customer-satisfaction levels across all departments-housekeeping, electromechanical services, landscaping, back-office support across all departments, and overall estate management.

Over the last 3 years since 01 July 2019, the service levels have significantly improved across all teams working at Adarsh Palace. Paradigm has been able to drive this transformation despite the two years of COVID-19 pandemic and the related periodic shutdowns. Their Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) circulated by the Operations team were very comprehensive and addressed all nuances of the COVID-19 directives from BBMP and the Governments.

The Departmental Heads have been very proactive in working with the RWA MC team to ensure discipline and adherence to guidelines. They have worked diligently to ensure that the team morale is always at a high. The team has been trained to address all residents with a smile and demonstrate courtesy, no matter the work pressure.

The Operations team has been very proactive. Ms. Pallavi Reddy, Head-Operations has been very proactive in monitoring the service levels. Her surprise visits, attention to detail, and knowledge of landscaping have been phenomenal. Our current landscaping blueprint worked out for Adarsh Palace in consultation with the Chairperson-Landscaping has been recognized and acknowledged by many residents.

Paradigm IFMS Leadership has been phenomenally responsive. They have been very successful and adept in identifying “quiet and performing Estate Managers”. The current Estate Manager has been recognized and acknowledged by residents for his service beyond the normally accepted performance levels.

Overall, Paradigm IFMS with its commitment to statutory compliance has delivered services at exceptional levels.

Wishing Paradigm IFMS and its team continued success-every single member has made a singular contribution.