Paradigm Integrated Facility Management Services


Anil Kumar - President (Gina Shalom)

We were handed down services of Paradigm Integrated Facility Services by the developer of Gina Shalom Apartments – M/s Gina Group in the year 2016. As the developer had done due diligence and found Paradigm to be a premium service provider in facility management, the association of Gina Shalom Apartments, continued to engage their services. Since then till date they have been giving us reasonable and very good services, be it with House keeping, STP, WTP. Garden maintenance, Security services etc.

In our view Paradigm is well structured and has the background to do the facility management, with a good sense of integrity and professionalism. Like with all services, at times there may be some hiccups however, taking the larger picture, they have come out with flying colours. Hope we receive the same level of service in the future too without any incremental increase in financial burden.We wish them good luck and success in their business. Our special thanks to the operations team and those who work on the ground level.