Paradigm Integrated Facility Management Services


Our Services

We provide a complete array of services purely through “INHOUSE TRAINED MANPOWER” so as to provide you with a comprehensive solution for your maintenance needs and below are our list of Services offered


Administrative Services

Complete Facility Management through, our Admin Staff like
Facility Manager, Facility Executive, Helpdesk, Supervisors and Admin Staff


An experienced and professional team that can create beautiful surroundings
of any open space


An experienced and professional team that can create beautiful surroundings
of any open space


Service capabilities

Paradigm presently offers a wide range of services, and each day we work to fill in new gaps. By increasing transparency in the way staff compensation is handled, we have made sure that our attrition
rates are the lowest in the industry. As a result, both our clients
and personnel are aware of exactly what they are paying for.
The same values and services we were recognized for in the residential sector are now being offered in the corporate
sector, now covering Hyderabad & Pune cities.


Understanding client is our primary commitment

We have been associated with Paradigm facility management since 2009. As the managing committee of an association, members are changed every year but the best part has been that team from Paradigm adapted to different requirements from different C members every year. There were obviously ups and downs in between but their management team ensured that they were listening...

- Jitesh Midha, SJR Verity

Appreciate the professionalism displayed by Paradigm. Thank you for everything you and your team is doing in spite of the lockdown scenario. We never got such detailed emails and the resolution status from the previous property management company is worked for us for 4 years. Keep the residents informed that talk about the engagement levels and ownership displayed by your team.

Committee Incharge Prestige Sunnyside OAK

Thanks to Paradigm Team for their continuous support to manage the screening and logistics planning over the past 8days.Understand they will have other sites to visit. None of them took off day as well. Have requested one of Sr. Manager to cover tomorrow for Manager’s off and then Manager will drive it. Thanks to the team for support for about 23 days of quarantine which was very crucial.

Committee Incharge Citilights Rustigue

    Our clients

    The great work we did