Paradigm Integrated Facility Management Services


Ramamoorthy -Secretary (Sumadhura Silver Ripples)

Add Scope for SSROWA

1. Housekeeping & OWC Services
2. Landscaping & Gardening Services
3. Electro Mechanical Services – Electrical & Plumbing
4. WTP, STP & RO Plant operations.
5. Pest Control Services
6. Swimming Pool Maintenance
7. Administrative Services.



1. Very good organizational structure & availability of key personnel and management team.
2. Very strong backend technical support team for each department/service line.
3. Transparent Communication with very high integrity,compliance and ethics.
4. Excellent process and documentation – with respect to logs, inventory, asset history etc.

Our experience:

During takeover, comprehensive and exhaustive study of all the assets in SSR was completed within 45 days of the take over. This included snag audit, urgent issues and follow up actions and was recommended for action by SSROWA. This serves as an action plan for the MC of SSROWA for the entire year based on urgency and priority.

There were some issues that impacted our day to day operations and the quality of life of the residents with respect to water management and supply. The reasons for issues can be partially attributed to the technician at site caused by an external event not related to the core issue. The pressure sensor failure and the current condition of our infrastructure played a part in the issue. However, the backend team analysed the issue and we were able to fix the issue for good. The support from Paradigm during this activity is commendable. We were provided all the support that was required unconditionally and suo moto.The technical staff deployment was identified as an issue with respect to our skill requirements which was duly acknowledged by Paradigm management and certain members of the team were replaced with better skilled staff suiting our site specific requirements.

For the past 4 months, the operations have been streamlined and there are no major concerns with the services provided by Paradigm. They have extended their support to complete the overhaul of the WTP delivery side, CEIG & Transformer servicing/overhaul. There are other major projects with respect to STP, DG, WTP Processing side and our gardening equipment in the next couple of months. These projects will be executed by Paradigm and our participation in these project executions is very minimal.
The cooperation from the backend and operations team as well as the management team in understanding the issues and resolving to our satisfaction is excellent. The Paradigm team has fulfilled their commitments and assurances in terms of operational improvement, processes, checklists, adherence to SLA etc. Their contract agreements are being followed to the last letter and in certain cases (transformer repairs, STP Exhaust issues) services have been delivered beyond their contract terms. They had taken ownership of the issues and concerns raised and ensured that all those were addressed within the timelines as expected by SSROWA.

There are some challenges with respect to unskilled staff deployment for house keeping services especially because of the higher demand in the commercial and corporate sector. This is a wide spread challenge based on our discussions with other vendors. Even in such circumstances, the Paradigm team continues to ensure that there is minimal or no loss of service to the residents at large. The quality of the service across the departments is great and they seek constant feedback from SSROWA and are constantly looking for improvements in terms of efficiency, optimization and cost savings. Overall we are greatly satisfied with the services provided by Paradigm and would prefer to continue with this relationship in the future as well.