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Monitor all the aspects of facility management and operation at the tip of the finger. With our mobile app, you can be truly mobile, and track your property’s status anywhere. With real-time status and information our system allows you to be up-to-date with essential information that you need to be at peace and be sure that things are taken care of.


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The Firm’s Special or Unique Capabilities, Technology, or Operating Procedures Would Be Of Direct Benefit To The Residents.

  • Reduce System Failures and Unexpected Resource Availability though Proactive Alerts (In-App, SMS and Email)
  • Technology based/ App system for In-house staff. Dashboard to client for ongoing activities.
  • Monitor all services in a single platform ( APP) to improve Operational Efficiency
  • Attendance through Face Recognition APP. (Daily accessible by client)
  • Service, Repair History Tracking using QR Code
  • Capability to Integrate with other IoT systems
  • Custom Reports with meaningful Insights
  • Real-time monitoring.

Paradigm’s Digital Transformation Features for Smart Maintenance Operations and Healthy Building

admin staff

Smart Staff Activities

  • Scheduled, One-time and Project Activities
  • WhatsApp chatbot for Residents Complaints
  • Multi-level Approval and Rejection
  • Dynamic Scheduling
  • Paperless Checklist
  • Smart Staff Activities
System health1

System Health

  • Contracts, Compliance, and Ticket Management
  • Inventory and QR code for tracking
  • Remote and Online Device status
  • Real-time Repair History
  • Auto-ticketing
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Daily Logs and Automation

Real-Time Monitoring – IoT Sensors for Water Level Monitoring, Water Quality, Energy Consumption, Water Flow, Pump Automation, Processes, etc


Paradigm’s TAP - IoT Capability

Motor Controller
Bore well, STP, WTPTo automate the bore well operations with advanced motor health status
Face RecognitionStaff AttendanceAutomated Attendance tracking with TAP Attendance module
pHSwimming Pool/STP/WTPFor automated measuring of pH in Swimming pool or STP etc.
TDSSwimming Pool/STP/WTPFor Automated measuring of Total Dissolved Solids in Swimming pool or STP etc.
SalinitySTP/WTPFor Automated measuring of Salinity level in softened/treated water, for backwash automation using TAP
Dissolved OxygenSTPFor measuring the water Dissolved Oxygen level commonly used in STP
ChlorineSTP/Swimming PoolFor measuring the Chlorine level in the water. Typically used in Swimming pool to maintain the right chlorine level, usage are in fresh water systems or STP etc.
ORPSTPFor measuring the Oxidation-Reduction Potential in water. ORP is a measure of the cleanliness of the water and its ability to break down contaminants.
Residual ChlorineSTP/Swimming PoolTo measure the Residual chlorine in water. It is the low level amount of chlorine remaining in the water after a certain period or contact time after its initial application. Typical usage in Swimming Pool, STP etc.
TurbiditySTP/WTPTurbidity is the amount of cloudiness in the water. Turbidity sensor used to measure the turbidity in water. Typical usage in STP
SludgeSTPTo measure the Suspended Solids/Sludge present in water. Typical usage in STP.
Hardness and CalciumWTP/STPFor measuring the water hardness. Typical usage in WTP
Ammonia and NitrogenWTP/STPFor measuring the Ammonia and Nitrogen presence in water. Typical usage in WTP
TemperatureSwimming PoolFor measuring the water temperature. Typical usage in heated swimming pool
Ultrasonic Flow MeterTanker Inlet/Common Area UsageNon-intrusive way of measuring the accurate water flow. Can be fit in any size of the pipe
EMF Flow MeterTanker Inlet/Common Area UsageIntrusive method of meter installation for water flow measurement, but without obstruction to the water flow or pressure reduction.
Pneumatic Water Gauge SensorWTP or STP Water Sumps/OHTFor measuring the accurate water level in any type of water storages. With TAP AI and ML enabled modules it can also be used for water flow monitoring (with certain preconditions). Typical usage in domestic/raw tanks, overhead tanks, STP etc.


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