Paradigm Integrated Facility Management Services


Hema Maheswar - President (Nikoo Homes)

I want to take a minute to write before we signoff from BOM, to thank you and Paradigm staff for your support since Feb 2021, we understand your team got no handover while you started.
Team managed it really well in about 3 months with such a hostile situation.

Landscaping – Initially we had issues with managing well and lot of dry areas were seen, however we had seen landscaping spring back to green with all the efforts from your team and a few changes in the team. I take the pride for winning the “Green Cover Building” as assessed by the Environment Management & Policy Research Institute (EMPRI), an initiative by KSPCB.This award if not just for landscaping, but also for managing the STP and Waste, it wouldn’t be possible without Paradigm supporting us in making this happen.

MEP – While I see a lot of spontaneity in reacting to the situations like couple of fire accidents and restoring power in less than 9 hours.Managing a high-rise building is no easy task, we still remember Divakar who was leading such tasks, and we all miss him.

Pool and Housekeeping – I see a need for improvement despite the challenges we had with lack of tools like floor scrubbers, may be the staffing would have increased to compensate the lack of tools and usage of better chemicals.Security – This had been a challenge for so long and we are still not set, understand our tie up with few third-party security agencies have failed us, comparatively south wall security were better.

Overall, I would like to thank Pushpa for her commitment in dealing with tough situations, very strong and a bold person. Never gives up in any situation.I wish you good luck and I am sure you will excel in making many more communities win laurels.