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Gardening & Pest Control

Gardening Services

Our gardening services within facility management are focused on enhancing open spaces with greenery, trees, and beautiful landscapes. We excel in creating theme-based projects that bring a unique touch to your gardens and outdoor spaces.

Due diligence: Before starting any gardening and landscaping services, a survey will be conducted by our highly experienced back-office staff. This survey is crucial in order to understand the scope of the work and plan the activities accordingly.
Usage of Garden Equipment: Our gardening team receives regular training on the use of garden and landscaping equipment to ensure they are equipped to provide high-quality services.
Inspecting the facility for signs of pests: This involves regularly checking for signs of pests such as droppings, nests, or damage to the building or other structures.
Keeping records of pest control activities: This may involve maintaining records of inspections, treatments, and other pest control activities, as well as documenting any problems or issues that are identified.

Our Specialty & Value Addition

  • Develop Theme based land such as an Herbal garden, Kitchen garden, Plant Architecture, creeper Architecture, Kids garden, Exotic plant garden, Vertical garden, Biodiversity park, Butterfly garden, Cactarium, Bonsai, etc.
  • Develop a small nursery that carters to an existing landscape.
  • Name cards for the existing plants

Mechanization at Work

Mechanization of Gardening and Landscaping services will have a direct impact on maintenance and helps in manpower utilization

Lawn Mover

Leaf Blower

Bore drilling

Battery Operated Sprayer

Hedge Trimmer


Pest Control Services

Pest control services typically involve the inspection of the affected area to identify the type and extent of pest infestation. Then, a treatment plan is developed and implemented using a variety of methods, such as chemical sprays, traps, and exclusion techniques to prevent pests from entering the area.

Common types of pest control services include:

  • Residential pest control: This type of service is designed to eliminate and prevent pests in homes and residential areas.
  • Commercial pest control: This type of service is designed to eliminate and prevent pests in commercial buildings such as offices, restaurants, and hotels.
  • Mosquito Control: Mosquito fogging is a process of spraying a fine mist of insecticide in the air using a special machine called a fogger. The insecticide droplets drift in the air and settle on surfaces, killing any mosquitoes that come into contact with them. Fumigation, on the other hand, is a process of releasing an insecticide gas in a confined space, such as a house or building, to kill mosquitoes and other pests. This method is typically used when mosquito infestations are severe, or in areas where other mosquito control methods have failed.
  • Honeybee removal: Safely relocating a colony of honeybees from a structure or location where they are unwanted to a more suitable location. 
  • Snake catching: Safely removing a snake from a location where it is unwanted and relocating it to a more suitable habitat.


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